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Writing and Editing by Brian Sexton


My name is Brian Sexton. I am a writer and editor living in Sacramento, California.

Sometimes I work in the San Francisco Bay Area—mostly Silicon Valley. Sometimes I work in coffee shops.

My writing site is pretty simple for now—mostly text, which seems appropriate.

Work Samples

Below are several examples of my writing and editing work spanning over twenty years. I plan to post more soon, but please feel free to inquire if there’s anything else you’d like to see.

Technical Writings

Tutorial Articles About WordPress

Planning a Custom Landing Page for a WordPress Web Site WebEnertia BlogMarch 2017
How to Make a Child Theme for WordPress WebEnertia BlogApril 2017
How to Get Pages with Custom Designs into WordPress WebEnertia BlogJuly 2017
How to Enable Users to Edit Custom Page Content in WordPress WebEnertia BlogMarch 2018
How to Customize Menus and Title Text for Custom Pages in WordPress WebEnertia BlogAugust 2018

Tutorial Articles About Other Technical Topics

A Bit of Bash WebEnertia BlogDecember 2016
More Dynamic Directives in AngularJS WebEnertia BlogJanuary 2017

Software Documentation, etc.

Placeholder Page project documentation Placeholder Pagemultiple
Clever Contact project documentation Clever Contactmultiple
Cleverlay project documentation Cleverlaymultiple
miscellaneous notes notesmultiple

Some of My Other Writings

Information & Entertainment

Game Buzz - my long-neglected but never-abandoned gaming blog Game Buzz1996–present
The History of the Star Control Universe” - a collection of game-universe lore that I edited and expanded at Accolade Star Control (game series)1996
Get Your Mac A-Runnin’” - my “Full Throttle” game reviewDimension 3 (magazine)December 1995
The Kilrathi Have Invaded the Mac” - my “Wing Commander III” game reviewDimension 3 (magazine)December 1995

My Résumé

My résumé and supplemental documents are available in PDF format.

More of My Work

In addition to being a writer I am a multidisciplinary designer and software developer with a particular passion for user experience.

Please see my main portfolio, Brian Works, and my GitHub profile for more of my work.


I plan to add a contact form to this site soon. In the meantime please feel free to use the contact form at Brian Works.

I can also be reached via telephone at (408) 329-2797.

Thanks & Attributions

My thanks to Lauren Mancke for the use of her photo and to Unsplash for all they do.

My thanks to Font Awesome for most of the icons and to MaxCDN/StackPath for hosting them.